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There is a big difference between activities that sponsor art events and art patronage.

In the former case, albeit a virtuous practice, a company allocates some financial resources to match its own image with an event that it believes to be emblematic and prestigious.

Corporate patronage in the third millennium is a more demanding step, but one that is even more fascinating: it means promoting an idea with respect to which artists become the absolute protagonists. The patron supports, favours, and inspires an exchange of experiences and initiatives that are translated into an excellent opportunity for people to experience art.

This is the motivation and ambition thanks to which Accapierre, following a series of commitments aimed at specific initiatives and cultural productions, has decided to create an annual encounter between art, music, and literature in an extraordinarily beautiful and spiritual place.

Last year we chose the name Traces for the event we held at the the Basilica of San Celso, and now we have come to the second edition. The group of artists and literati has grown, creating the lively dialectics that the dissemination of culture depends upon.

A company’s path must include solid economic accounts and social ones that justify its broader significance as a component of civil society. It is in this direction that we are now leaving traces.

Giovanni Favero



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