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October 11th-23rd 2021 - Basilica di San Celso
Corso Italia 37, Milano

"Grass, leaves, flowers, tree bark are the subjects of the works on display here. A way of conversing with Nature, thus capturing the least striking aspects of a plant world that surrounds and shares our everyday lives. Remo Rachini’s and Anna Roberti’s research have in common not only an attention to detail and a curiosity for these existences that are different from our own, they also pursue their experimentation with expressive techniques that converge in fixing on paper and on very thin tissues the impressions of those very same existences, those very same stories This is why I harken back to Lucretius’ De rerum natura when describing an exhibition that intends to offer the visitor a sort of two-fold approach to the natural world that exudes the flavour of journeys, but that are actually domestic itineraries, memories of late summer, of the search for the meaning, at times even classificatory, of a variety of signs and forms that dot our visual field even in the city streets, between train tracks, along sidewalks, in an urban park, amidst uncultivated fields and ruins. Rachini and Roberti suggest a two-fold path, which is also a call for personal responsibility and a spurring of action so that others become aware of the reality via testimonies and minute signs."

Valerio Terraroli


About the artists


Remo Rachini was born in Cortona in 1954, and currently lives and works in Milan.

He studied art at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, and earned a diploma in painting at the Brera Fine Arts Academy in Milan.

At Brera, for two years he also took courses on sculpture.

He is among the few Italian artists included in the book 2000 e oltre. Tendenze della contemporaneità, published by Skira in 2010, the last volume in the series "L’arte del XX secolo", an extensive and complex excursus through the movements, artists, works, and cultural phenomena that characterized the past century and the first decade of this one in the international scenario. The book contains seminal essays by some of the most renowned art critics, such as Lea Vergine, Nicolas Bourriaud, Klaus Honnef, and Valerio Terraroli.

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Anna Roberti was born in 1979 in Lavenone, in the province of Brescia. In 2006 she graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Parma.

After moving to Padua to participate in the project "The Botanical Garden of Padua: UNESCO heritage, everyone's heritage", she comes back in the province of Parma and works as an environmental educator in the Regional and National Parks of Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo.

In 2006 she specializes in the processing and experimentation of colors of natural origin and artistic techniques, participating in many specialized courses. She has collaborated with several museums, including the didactic section of the Mart museum in Rovereto where she has carried out training courses for teachers and museum operators.

Since 2014, after a long research and consultation of ancient herbaria preciously kept in European libraries, she begins to experiment with a printing technique to create a herbarium on fabric that is her stylistic signature.

In 2016, thanks to this research project, she was selected by the Brera Academy of Art and the Isola Comacina Foundation to create a herbarium imprinted on fabric with the spontaneous plants of the island during an artistic residency in August 2016.

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